Some of us have been in situations in which it’s essential to have a good person to talk to. Whether a strategic reorientation, difficult decision-making situation or internal conflict is involved: We experience phases in our lives in which we don’t seem to make any progress, or feel like we’re running in circles. Coaches can be a great help in helping us recognize the patterns that govern our behavior; to explore the potential that lies dormant in us; to be aware of what we can actually do. People who recognize the driving and motivating forces in life can see opportunities as they arise more clearly and explore new possibilities.

Management personality

– To manage other people effectively, you need to manage yourself well

Self-perception and self-regulation require a great deal of practice. We’ve all become accustomed to response patterns that often happen more quickly than we even realize. It’s all the more fascinating to investigate and understand these automatic reactions. This also gives us the opportunity to change them. This is a critical key to success for today’s managers.

Strength coaching

– Strengthening strengths strengthens

We all have some rough idea of what our strengths are – but many of us don’t have much practice in constantly using and training them. We benefit in many ways from this work: It leads to more successful experiences, and costs us less time and energy. Discover the hidden treasures that are your strengths!

Personal inventory

– Where has my life gone?

Why does time go by so quickly? The dynamic pace of everyday life often detracts from our quality of life and tranquility. This is why it’s so important to pause from time to time and take a kind of inventory of your personal self: What can I do? What do I have? Where do I want to be? Am I still on the right path? It doesn’t have to involve any dramatic or immediate changes. Sometimes just gaining a different perspective can reveal great potential. Find your own personal constellation!


– it’s always different than you think. Remember: Stay cool!

Change is the only thing that people can count on in their everyday working lives, and this is a major challenge for many of us. Having a good, positive self-image, an awareness of your strengths and an understanding of the situation can help us stay cool, calm and collected in turbulent times.

We work together to develop options and strategies for action, and elaborate on these to create an implementation plan. We facilitate and support you with scientifically recognized methods, like Appreciative Inquiry, Dynamic Facilitator, systemic organizational constellations and strengths analyses. We will discuss the type and scope of our collaboration in a preliminary meeting, and prepare a non-binding offer on this basis including the corresponding budget and schedule. We’re also happy to provide this support in English if needed.

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