Organizations, teams and companies are all subject to constant change, which requires flexibility and the ability to adapt. As a business person or manager, you are responsible for implementing these processes in a logical and efficient way. You constantly face challenges like restructurings, new staff constellations and evolving market demands. How can you actually use the potential you see in yourself and the people around you? People are very different – but their problems are surprisingly similar.
Our support will help you successfully master any change processes that may arise.

Team supervision

– When the feeling is right, so is the performance

Good teamwork requires effective, respectful communication. It’s easier said than done. Everyday business is too pressing, and daily demands and expectations are too high. This is why it’s helpful to have support from external facilitation and supervision. Team development processes work more constructively and effectively with guidance.

Conflict mediation

– I just can’t understand you

Conflicts are unavoidable. They are just as much a part of life as broth is to soup. The question is how we deal with them. Constructive, solution-oriented discussions can release new potential and unleash many different types of strengths. Mediation can help people find a new way out of gridlocked situations.

Strategic facilitation

When management speaks with a single voice, this creates security and clarity for employees. To achieve this, it’s necessary to discuss any doubts with each other, clarify questions and talk through differences of opinion. Professional support makes this process more purposeful and effective.

Organizational development

Companies are constantly undergoing phases of change and transformation. This creates challenges and opportunities, as well as uncertainty and conflict. Developing a shared vision and practical strategies for implementation become a specific task for employees. External support helps people find new perspectives, see areas of potential, and recognize unusual options for action. We support you with a respectful approach focused on your potential.

We work together to develop options and strategies for action, and elaborate on these to create an implementation plan. We facilitate and support you with scientifically recognized methods, like Appreciative Inquiry, Dynamic Facilitator, systemic organizational constellations and strengths analyses.

We will discuss the type and scope of our collaboration in a preliminary meeting, and prepare a non-binding offer on this basis including the corresponding budget and schedule. We’re also happy to provide this support in English if needed.

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