Flourishing Institut analyzes and uses interdisciplinary trends from a variety of different research fields to support our respectful, solution-oriented work. We are motivated to translate the findings of this work into practical, application-based tools, and make these available to the people who need them.

All coaches and employees who support Flourishing Institut have many years of consulting experience. They can provide everyone with expert advice based on people’s specific potential in their corresponding areas of focus.

Dr. Teresa Keller

Dr. Teresa Keller

Coach and consultant, author and lecturer

Focus areas: Personality development, conflict mediation, team development, strengths coaching

“I’m absolutely convinced that all people are happy to have careers in which they can show their entire potential. We’d all rather be enthusiastic and committed to what we spend our time doing. It’s my mission to help people develop their hidden potential, discover their personal strengths and implement these skills in their everyday working lives. Being able to work this way benefits both employees and companies – in terms of success, effectiveness and productivity.”

Professional qualifications

  • Graduate Economist, Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich
  • Management Consultant for Total Quality Management
  • Lecturer at Ludwig-Maximilian University Institute for Intercultural Communication
  • Certified personal development trainer
  • Continuing training “Dimensions of conflicts and interactions”
Simone Hartung

Simone Hartung


Focus areas: Assessment Center and Development Center

My goal is to support and motivate others to make more of themselves and their abilities. I focus my energy, enthusiasm and powers of persuasion on this very effort. The core of my work involves recognizing, selecting and promoting employee potential. I use Assessment Center and Development Center tools, and also work with a wonderful time.

Professional qualifications:

  • Graduate psychologist
  • Over 20 years of professional experience with Assessment Centers
  • Certification for profilingvalues
Valerie Lanzensberger

Valerie Lanzensberger

Trainer and Chef

I’m very passionate about cooking and eating. I enjoy these things immensely. In addition to strengthening my body, cooking is an activity that allows us to work closely with other people.

As the owner of KOCHRAUM feinschnabel, I’ve held hundreds of cooking events over the years. This experience combined with my background in education give me the opportunity to understand cooking in a much more comprehensive way than just putting ingredients together. At the same time, the focus should always be on having a good time.

Professional qualifications:

  • Dipl. Social Education Worker FH
  • Nutrition coach according to the Five Element Theory
Dr. Eva Müller

Dr. Eva Müller

Coach and Medical doctor

Focus area: personal development, acupuncture, Multimodal Pain Therapy, Holistic individual-coaching und company-training on mental and physical health.

The body and mind are in close relationship to each other, so that our own topics occur on both levels. My deep motivation is to support my clients by discovering their blockades and to transform them into new options. My approach is holistic in the sense that I will be addressing your physical, emotional, cognitive, relational, and spiritual issues. Through my long experience as a doctor working in a hospital, in medical offices and in development aid I could develop capacities that enable me to support my clients on both, the physical and the psychological level.


  • Doctor of general Medicine (MD)
  • Post-Graduate Certified TCM Doctor by the SMS
  • CPC – Certified Physician of Chinese Medicine DÄGfA
  • Certified in Chinese Diet Therapy and 5 Element Nutritional Therapy
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Energy Psychology (QE)
Nina Schabel-Pittracher

Nina Schabel-Pittracher

Coach and Trainer

Focus areas: Sales training, team development, management and personality development, communication training

I am constantly inspired by helping people develop, supporting them on their paths, and discovering their resources to help them effectively manage themselves – which enables them to take a big step towards achieving their defined goals. I enjoy working with people, and have a positive, appreciative idea of what it means to be a human being. I take a goal-oriented, attentive approach to my work, with respect for my counterparts. My many years of experience in sales, as a manager, and as a trainer provide a valuable foundation for my work.

Professional qualifications:

  • Personality development and business coach
  • Freelance trainer for management, personality development, communication, sales and team issues
  • Freelance consultant for various consulting firms
  • Two-year training to earn the Coach for Personality Development certificate (German Federal Association of Executive Coaching (DBVC)-recognized training in the “Psychology of Change” with Dietz-Training & Partner)
  • Many years of management experience at a major bank in Heidelberg and Munich (Service Manager, Branch Manager)
  • Banker with many years of customer service experience in a major banking institution
Ursula B. Stein

Ursula B. Stein

Coach and mindfulness trainer

Focus areas: Personality-oriented coaching, Mindful Leadership management training sessions, team building and stress management

Experience shows that successful, very attractive people are particularly authentic, and exude a sense of inner peace and trust. Getting to this point requires personal development, including conscious self-reflection, gentle self-regulation and decisive self-management.
Can you imagine the impact an attitude of clarity, relaxed leadership and openness in management would have on an organization? Can you measure the potential for change available to teams when these qualities become part of their team culture?
Be open to change – and make personality development an important component of your change processes. I look forward to supporting you.

Professional qualifications:

  • Educator M.A., LMU Munich
  • Personnel Developer M.A., TU Kaiserslautern
  • Personality development coach, Dietz Training und Partner
  • MBSR instructor, IAS, certified in accordance with § 20 und 20a SGB V
  • Marriage counselor, family and life consultant, DAJEB
  • Many years of management experience, including handling budget and staff responsibilities
  • Lecturer in the areas of psychology, dialogue and ethics
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