The following pages contain 20 questions. You may answer each question with one of five responses, ranging from 5 “Strongly agree” to 0 “Strongly disagree”. Click “Get Test results” to get a report of your results.


1.I have all of the skills and abilities I need to do what’s important to me.
2.I contribute to the well-being of my community.
3.I experience joy in my life every day.
4.I lead a very self-determined and good life.
5.My strengths help me in difficult situations.
6.I have values that are very important to me, and I am very committed to them.
7.When I’ve achieved something, I enjoy my success completely.
8.It’s very easy to get me in a good mood.
9.When I decide to do something, no one can keep me from doing it.
10.I often do things and forget everything else that’s happening around me.
11.I’m always looking for greater meaning in what I do.
12.I get a great deal of praise for things that seem completely natural to me.
13.I always find a positive explanation for the annoyances of everyday life.
14.I’m very satisfied with what I’ve achieved so far.
15.What I do in my everyday life is important for my community.
16.I’m optimistic about my future.
17.Setbacks inspire me more than demotivate me.
18.Every day, I have multiple reasons to laugh out loud.
19.I clearly understand the purpose of my actions.
20.I’m convinced that I put my abilities to good use.