The following pages contain 20 questions. You may answer each question with one of five responses, ranging from 5 “Strongly agree” to 0 “Strongly disagree”. Click “Get Test results” to get a report of your results.


1.When something doesn’t go the way I think is right, I express my opinion or concerns very clearly and precisely.
2.I’ve never felt alone in the last four weeks.
3.I can shape my life in line with my wishes.
4.I really mean something to several people in my life.
5.I really enjoy spending time alone.
6.If I have any problems, I always have someone I can talk to.
7.I never pass up an opportunity to help others.
8.I know my limits and can communicate them clearly.
9.I receive a great deal of acknowledgment and attention in my life.
10.I meet people who mean a great deal to me several times each week.
11.Spending time with lots of people doesn’t require any great effort on my part.
12.I rarely do things to make other people like me.
13.The people around me are very helpful.
14.I can handle every social situation with confidence, whatever it may be.
15.I can clearly communicate when I want to be alone, and when I want intimacy.
16.Other people’s recognition isn’t really important to me.
17.I’ve helped a friend a great deal in the last four weeks.
18.I have a clear sense what other people think or feel.
19.I can distance myself well if someone gets too close to me.
20.It’s very easy for me to come to an agreement with others and find a consensus.