Personality tests help us gain new perspectives on ourselves and our behaviors. They provide the impetus and inspiration to question our ideas or evaluate our experiences from time to time. We offer a few different tests – read more below.

Personal inventory

You can take this short test to gain some clarity into your thoughts and actions. It takes about 10 minutes and provides some initial guidance on the topics of optimism, success, purpose and strengths. For more on this topic, please see the book: “Einfach ich selbst sein dürfen” (“Simply Being Allowed to Be Myself”). In our Download section you can discover more impetus and information on how you can improve and develop in these areas.

Relationship inventory

Relationships are as colorful and multifaceted as the rest of your life. It’s good to pause once in a while and examine which relationships strengthen us, and what we really need out of our relationships. The following short test will help you examine how you really are in terms of giving and taking, intimacy and distance; the quality of your relationships, and what conflicts mean to you. The test takes around 10 minutes and is designed for some initial reflection. In our Download section you can find suggestions and additional information.

Strengths test

This strengths test was developed at the University in Pennsylvania and has been used millions of times. It takes 30-40 minutes and produces a list of 24 specific character strengths. You can consider the most important five strengths as your signature strengths. We are happy to follow up with a coaching session to help you use your strengths consciously and purposefully in various aspects of your life. An interpretation guide with practical suggestions is available here.

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