Shared experiences and insights generate their own momentum and bring people together. These help people achieve a shared understanding and use the same vocabulary to discuss certain topics. All workshops are customized and developed in line with our clients’ individual needs. Here are some examples of our workshop topics:

Strengthening strengths strengthens

This workshop develops methods and approaches that help us recognize strengths in ourselves and others. The focus is on using and applying these strengths. Devising implementation strategies together makes this workshop effective over the long term.

On dealing with mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes – and it’s completely ok. The question is: How do we handle these? Suggestions from this workshop should help you develop an open, tolerant approach to dealing with both other people’s and your own mistakes. After all, being able to discuss mistakes constructively is the foundation for really learning something from them.

Resolving conflicts constructively

Handling conflicts constructively allows people to use the energy and different points of view in such a way that this confrontation yields an opportunity. This workshop discusses and explores techniques involving respectful communication, possibilities of changing perspectives and ways of handling escalation.

Team cooking

Team cooking is a team-building tool. Putting the team in a new environment makes it impossible for members to hide behind their existing roles. This exercise helps people discover new areas of potential and alternatives to the defined roles and working practices. The essential aspect is the team’s focus on achieving a shared goal based on excellent communication and connections between the individual members.

We will define the type and scope of the workshop in a preliminary meeting, and prepare a non-binding offer on this basis including the corresponding budget and schedule. We’re also happy to organize a workshop in English if needed.

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