strengths strengthens

Be yourself everyone else is already taken.

(Oscar Wilde)

We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.

(Anais Nin)

Don't be afraid of change be afraid of not changing.

(Japanese Saying)

It is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy.

(Francis Bacon)

Warm welcome

Flourishing Institut helps people and companies discover what’s inside of us, realize what we can effectively handle, and understand what’s really important when we strive to achieve our goals. We are challenged by our conflicting priorities: We want our work to be more personalized, but need more community in our working lives. The institute’s goal is to develop customized approaches to solutions that provide greater orientation and clarity. After all, individuals, companies and organizations alike benefit from smooth and constructive working relationships.

Einfach ich selbst sein dürfen - Bessere Beziehungen zu sich und anderen durch die Positive Psychologie (You can find the latest publications and lectures from the Flourishing Institut network here.)

In this book, Teresa Keller encourages people to concentrate on their own strengths and areas of potential, and to enjoy and appreciate the things we have and can do. Checklists, tests and exercises from the latest development in psychology – Positive Psychology – give us the opportunity to get to know ourselves better and thoroughly examine our relationships with the people around us. This book is available in all bookstores or online at Buch7 or amazon.

Eigenschaften und Kompetenzen von Führungspersönlichkeiten (ed. Corinna von Au): Kapitel Fehlermanagement (Characteristics and Areas of Expertise of Leadership Personalities: Chapter Error Management)

To manage other people effectively, you need to manage yourself well – this also includes handling mistakes effectively. After all, managers are role models, and need to learn that mistakes represent opportunities for developing and learning. The chapter “Führungspersönlichkeit als Vorbild und Multiplikator für Fehlermanagement und Vertrauenskultur” (“Leadership Personalities as Role Models and Multipliers for Error Management and a Culture of Trust”) provides the latest research findings and inspiration to develop a constructive, learning-oriented way of handling mistakes. You can reserve the book on Buch7 or amazon.

Persönliche Stärken erkennen und trainieren – Hinweise zur Anwendung und Interpretation des Charakterstärkentests

(Recognizing and Training Personal Strengths – Tips on Using and Interpreting the Character Strengths Test) (2016), published by Springer Verlag